New York City Chapter

Recommended Vendors

NYC ABOTA’s recommendations are based on our familiarity of the vendors as well as their experience and expertise in the particular area of service. Use of the recommended vendors cannot however guarantee a result in any individual case.

BioEx Consulting, LLC is an engineering consulting firm that provides clients with knowledge and expertise in cases involving human bodily injury as a result of an accident. We specialize in Biomechanics and Accident Reconstruction, using engineering and biomedical sciences to explore the cause, nature, and severity of bodily injuries.

Legal & corporate support services you can trust. For legal, insurance, and corporate leaders responsible for vital outcomes, Lexitas delivers highly responsive professional services paired with powerful technology to help move your practice, and your business, forward. 

Frederick (Rick) Alimonti is best known for his expertise in aviation litigation, the primary focus of his law practice since his graduation of law school in 1989. Rick founded Alimonti Mediation Services in 2012, emphasizing personal injury, insurance coverage, product liability, premises liability, aviation law, employment/workplace discrimination, and commercial disputes.

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